Air Intake Kit
Part # 200-104
Price: $306.99

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AIRAID Intake System; Classic System Type; Incl. Intake Tube; Installs In 30 Minutes;

Click the E.O. number (D-609-7) to find out if your application is listed. If your application is not listed then your intake system is not legal for sale or use in California and some other states.


CHEVROLET BLAZER  1988-1994  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET C1500  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET C1500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET C2500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET C2500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET C3500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET C3500HD  1992-1995  V8 7.4L

CHEVROLET K1500  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET K1500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET K2500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET K2500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET K3500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R10 SUBURBAN  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R1500 SUBURBAN  1989-1991  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R20 PICKUP  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R20 SUBURBAN  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R2500 PICKUP  1989-1989  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R2500 SUBURBAN  1989-1991  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R30 PICKUP  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET R3500 PICKUP  1989-1991  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET TAHOE  1995-1995  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET V10 SUBURBAN  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET V1500 SUBURBAN  1989-1991  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET V20 SUBURBAN  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET V2500 SUBURBAN  1989-1991  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET V30 PICKUP  1988-1988  V8 5.7L

CHEVROLET V3500 PICKUP  1989-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC C1500  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

GMC C1500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

GMC C2500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

GMC C2500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

GMC C3500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V8 5.7L

GMC C3500HD  1992-1995  V8 7.4L

GMC JIMMY  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC K1500  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

GMC K1500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

GMC K2500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V6 4.3L, V8 5.0L, V8 5.7L

GMC K2500 SUBURBAN  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

GMC K3500 PICKUP  1988-1995  V8 5.7L

GMC R1500 SUBURBAN  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC R2500 PICKUP  1988-1989  V8 5.7L

GMC R2500 SUBURBAN  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC R3500 PICKUP  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC V1500 SUBURBAN  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC V2500 SUBURBAN  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC V3500 PICKUP  1988-1991  V8 5.7L

GMC YUKON  1992-1995  V8 5.7L

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